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Event Outline 2023
Organizer R1 Japan Inc.
Promotor Funatiko Pte Ltd
Support Asian Rally Friendship Association
*Alphabetical order
Event schedule 13th - 19th August 2023
Total distance Approximately 2,000km
2023 Event Schedule
3.13 Mon Issue for Regulations
4.17 Mon Opening date for Entries
6.16 Fri Closing date for Entries
8.12 Sat Registrations, Welcomeparty
8.13 Sun Scrutineering, Competitors briefing, Ceremony Start
8.14 Mon LEG-1
8.15 Tue LEG-2
8.16 Wed LEG-3
8.17 Thu LEG-4
8.18 Fri LEG-5
8.19 Sat LEG-6, Ceremonial Finish, prize given Party

What is Asia Cross Country Rally?

Asia Cross Country Rally commonly known as "AXCR or Asian Rally" is held in August every year starting from Thailand to various countries. Every year's route is unique.

Since 1996 till 2019, Asia Cross Country Rally has been held across the following countries: Kingdom of Thailand, Malaysia, Republic of Singapore, People's Republic of China, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Kingdom of Cambodia, and Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

Asia Cross Country Rally is sanctioned by The Federation International Automobile (FIA) - the same governing body as Formula-1, World Rally Championship (WRC) and Dakar Rally. Asia Cross Country Rally is currently, the largest cross-country rally event in Asia.

Asia Cross Country Rally was intended to be "the ultimate" test for all aspects of both the competitor's and team's skills to it limits by challenging the participants with multiple combinations of terrains ranging from mountainous area, jungle, swamp, beach side, river crossing, desert, plantation, tarmac to circuit - along with the many unpredictable weather conditions that mother nature produces in Asia.

25th-2020 and 26th-2021 AXCR was cancelled due to non-convergence of coronavirus (COVID-19) infections around the world. 2022 November, the 27th AXCR2022 was held again.

2023 August, organizing committee will organize for 28th AXCR 2023 at Kingdom of Thailand and Lao People's Democratic Republic.

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