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Class M1 : ~250cc
Class M2 : 251cc〜700cc
Class M3 : 701cc~

Group T1
Modified Cross-Country Cars

Class T1.1 : 4x4 Petrol
Class T1.2 : 4x4 Diesel
Class T1.3 : 4x4 Electric
Class T1.4 : 4x2 Petrol
Class T1.5 : 4x2 Diesel

Group T2
Series Cross Country Cars

Class T2.1 : Petrol
Class T2.2 : Diesel

Group T2(A)
Series Cross Country Cars

Class T2(A): Petrol
Class T2(A): Diesel

※Same spec of T2, but no homologation Vehicles.

Group T3
Improved Cross-Country Cars

Class T3.1 : T3
Class T3.2 : T3 (Light weight)

Group T4A

Class T4A: Small Truck

※Must be light wait truck 2Ton.

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